D.S. & Durga I Don't Know What Pocket Perfume 10 ml

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D.S. & Durga I Don't Know What Pocket Perfume 10 ml

D.S. & Durga I Don't Know What Pocket Perfume 10 ml

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Polymathic - Just to be clear, I agree with disclosing in general as I said more than once in the article. I don't want to see any content creator (writer, videographer, whatever) intentionally mislead their audience. At the same time, I do feel that the community in general worries a little too much when we (the community) call out someone for not disclosing, say, a free sample. My point is that we sometimes treat that instance with the same relative degree of suspicion as we would a reviewer not disclosing they received money or multiple bottles or the like. jarroditshallbe - great point! I think part of the uproar about getting anything for free in perfume is that we as an audience are looking for a way to easily distinguish "content that is worth our time" from "content that isn't." I understand and empathize with that need because there is SO MUCH content about perfume out there to sift through. Whether or not I expressed it well in my article, I do think part of my motivation for writing was to say, "We all have to find ways to navigate the great wall of content that is available, and if you're a person who sees the act of receiving something for free as a method, that's ok -- but to me, I'm most concerned with the perceived quality of the review. Was I informed, entertained, or did I come away with something I didn't have before watching/reading?" Maybe it’s just me but have you ever bought a designer labelled item (clothes, trainers, accessories etc) from a charity shop and known that it would have retailed for hundreds of pounds? PS. Blind buying a perfume is always the buyers responsibility. No one else’s. If you don’t like it, that’s on you, and hopefully you learn from it.

I Don't Know What by D.S. & Durga is a perfume that undeniably stands out from the crowd. This is a perfume that neither sways too feminine nor too masculine, making it a great choice for those seeking something that defies the traditional gender-binary scents. Despite its eccentricities, I Don't Know What is surprisingly adaptable, proving to be a good fit for different seasons, though it shines brightest during the spring. Its versatility extends to various occasions as well, from leisurely outings to business meetings, making it a reliable companion for your daily activities. I Don’t Know What is a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to play around with perfume. Of course it can be worn as a modern wonderfully transparent aroma, but it can also be layered over anything. Often when I leave the house, I will wear a touch of sandalwood, rose, jasmine, patchouli, oud, etc. These oils are lovely but can be muddy and they don’t last more than a few hours. IDKW sprayed over them makes the oil into a PERFUME. It does this because it is made with no notes! It is a secret combination of materials that perfumers use to highlight and enhance notes in a perfume. A Bergamot accord announces freshness, Vetiver Acetate a thin amber, Firsantol a lingering sandalwood, Iso E Super a radiance, and so on. It is like a building with only structure – no interior. You can fill in the interior with an oil, a scent you like, even an old scent that has lost its way. IDKW is built to layer and enhance everything else it touches. And yes they are lying to you. Don't think they aren't. I use to think that till I saw different. This is where the whole "Simping" name comes from. People are willing to do anything to get those views and don't really care about their audience and not use them or treat them as boy or girl toys. So if you like entertainment that is one thing..but if your costing people their money be upfront and honest about it. Here's the thing though, they know "Simping" works. The question is could you see your kid "Simping" just to make end's meet. I don't know, I think there is a fine line..but that is just me. I rather see someone succeed because of how valuable the person and their mind is and what they can add to the art of perfumery or anything else for that matter. Let me point out that Fragrantica makes each and every member/reviewer confirm the following text before posting the review:A funny yet thought provoking movie called "They Live" with Roddy Piper talks about it. I think people are more and more awake and are just tired of being influenced all the time. And believe me everywhere you go everyone is influencing you to do something. It get's old..but it's humanity. There is nothing new. People want something more so they go to politics, religion, etc but there is nothing else are far as this consumerism bubble that society pushes on you to make money, especially in America where I live. It's so bad here and everyone knows it. The question's you have to ask yourself..Are people that diabolical in making money off of your weaknesses? Well..Yes..look at Facebook, Youtube or any business influencing you..they have AI technology made for that and AI don't care how you think..it's programmed to make money at all costs and they have and will continue to do so for money..the sad part is when it's all said and done what I have seen recently is that when those same people realize the damage they have done to society you can later see they have remorse about it, quit their jobs or sell off their companies and go on a journey being proactive warning others and wish to change the outcome to hopefully reverse the damage that has been done. The one thing they all have said is they never knew what the outcome was going to be and how much damage it would cost. The other question is how much do you want to contribute to that consumerism? What is the damage being done or the costs..and are you ok with that? It's a hard thing because one has to put food on the table so I do understand businesses and making ends meet.

But with a lot of Youtube reviewers, it doesn't even matter about the delusions of grandiosity there is, if the fragrance is bad and they are wasting people's money and if they are not disclosing. At this point they just want the views and I don't think they really care about their audience. You have to cut through some serious moral character to do a lot of this "Simping." Some would disagree. If they really cared about real change that benefits the community they would buy the fragrances themselves and not be influenced by who's offering them the most free products and how high of a status they are going to move up in youtube and the fragrance community. Or that they are influenced with those numbers to sell there extremely expensive, almost unreachable over priced products. Some of their products are really good..but most are overpriced. But that's the freedom of choice. You don't have to buy it nor support them.And trust me when I say if you don't think they will do anything to keep their cash cow or popularity going they will. I've seen it. Fight even teeth and nail deceiving others to keep youtube chanels and algorithims going. Some will go as far as to even buy views. People eventually become just numbers..it's no longer about the art of it and the community..your too influenced by popularity and greed at this point and will sell your body, soul, anything to get it.I also strongly believe that if a reviewer has been paid for a review, they should make that very clear. While I do think it’s possible for a reviewer to be upfront about their feelings surrounding a perfume even if they’ve been paid to talk about it, I can understand why an audience member would want to skip watching or reading what is essentially an advertisement. I believe they would not bother to make us consent to the disclosure if they think that "We Don’t Need to Worry So Much about Fragrance Reviewer Credibility". Don’t misunderstand me: I’m all for transparency, and I admire a reviewer who informs their audience that they received a full bottle for free (though I couldn’t care less if they just received a free sample). Regardless of how seriously you take the art or craft of perfumery, there is undoubtedly an aspect of subjectivity about it, both from an art appreciation standpoint and a scientific one.

I recently blind bought Montale Pure Love because I read here that it was very similar to ILNYFH (Bond). FAIL. To me it’s nothing like it!

I think that instead of using word BIAS we should concentrate on GENUINE. How people get their frags for a review, i couldnt care less, but what irritates me is constant praise of an absolute sh!t of a fragrance, especially when its an ambroxan bomb or a chemical smelling mess. With all the advancements we make in industry we should be making perfumes that previous generations could only dream about, instead we take talented perfumers to create garbage and hype it on youtube. What a sad state of affairs. years ago Google quietly removed the “search discussions” filter, and it enraged me. I used it daily. I have always preferred hearing from regular people when it comes to any product or any current issue. Additionally, because economic situation is not improving for middle class, but things get more expensive, and in case of fragrances more expensive but quality is getting worse, its but normal that people are getting annoyed when all these shills lie about how good the frag is, instead of being a good sport and properly guide enthusiasts. We all find value in specific fragrances where others do not, and that can be because of internal factors like taste and preference, as well as external factors, like the physiological and experiential differences between us all which affect how we are able to smell and how smells press against our individual emotions. We have predetermined some of them to be “shills” if they talk about one house for too long; if they don’t reveal the precise nature of their interactions with a brand; if they don’t publicly sign-on to some reviewers’ code of ethics.

Ego inevitably gets too involved when someone has a big following, and it often obscures authenticity and, yes, even impartiality, in my opinion. It’s not what I am interested in. Thats not even a judgment on my part. It’s simply human nature. A fragrance enhancer with transparent radiance that gives any perfume a certain, as the French say, “I don’t know what.”

If you love roses and fresh-cut flowers, go for a rose perfume and make yourself happy. Love the smell of grass and live for hikes and camping? Look for a scent that’s labeled “earthy.” If your dream is to roll around a field of daisies, then the floral fragrance family is for you. Whether you think you like citrus fragrances, fruity perfumes, powdery perfumes, or warm vanilla scents, don’t worry about being too obvious—just get one and try it. Decide how intense you want it. I Don't Know What by D.S. & Durga unfolds with a noticeable zest of bergamot. Its citrusy aroma carries a slight bitterness, providing an intriguing start to the perfume journey. This gradually transitions into the central essence of the fragrance, where the scent becomes notably synthetic, imbued with a dominant essence of vetiveryl acetate. It imparts a dry, woody aroma with a subtle, root-like undertone that speaks of earthy freshness. The complementary scent of ISO-E-Super adds an aromatic touch, hinting at cedar and leaning towards the spicier side of perfume scents. I can't believe this article is posted on one of the largest perfume community online...I am at a loss of words. Listen, perfumes can be confusing, but as soon as you’ve got the facts, you’ll be able to easily navigate them online. In general, fragrances fall into one of two categories: eau de parfum (EDP) or eau de toilette (EDT). EDPs, aka parfums, are made with a higher concentration of perfume oils, and EDTs, aka toilettes, are made with less.

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