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Best Friends

Best Friends

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In Best Friends, Gemma and Alice have been together since birth - literally, they were born on the same day and have been inseparable ever since, despite being complete opposites (Gemma is loud, selfish, and bossy, while Alice is timid, meek, and sensible).

However, Gemma received the most punishment, being the more boisterous of the two, was always deemed as the trouble maker and was forbidden to see Alice. When Alice's dad gets a new job in Scotland, Gemma is distraught and does everything she can to keep Alice for herself, scared that she'll find a new best friend in Scotland and forget all about her. The Illustrated Mum won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award, the 1999 Children’s Book of the Year at the British Book Awards and was also shortlisted for the 1999 Whitbread Children’s Book Award. That brings me to the writing - I normally really like JW's style but this one felt repetitive and exaggerated - perhaps I was just more aware as I listened on audio at 1. The story ends on Gemma (and Alice's) birthday, when she celebrates with her family, Biscuits, and Biscuits' family.She must have gone through something heartbreaking like this, and she wanted to share her experience with the readers, but telling it in a different way so that maybe a young adult reader can understand. I think that it is easy to relate to for children as it deals with the complex world of friendships and break ups and how they are dealt with. Gemma and Alice form a temporary hatred for him when he "tells on them" to his mother about their plots on running away. The girls are about to be separated as one family is moving, so they first decide to run away then create havoc when that is stopped. This is a very touching story on how two best friends all of sudden get spilt up, my brothers best friend sadly got separated.

Gemma, one of the two best friends is the loud trouble maker, but still cares very dearly about her best friend Alice. Their dissimilarity in personality and physical appearance is what fuels their friendship and makes them compatible in that, what one lacks in, the other makes up for and vice versa. The only reason I gave this book four stars is because I feel like the book is very short for my age and it only took me two days to read; if I was Jacqueline I would probably take at least 100 pages simply talking about all the important events they've had with each other. Nothing can ever break them apart, but when Gemma sneaks a peek in Alice's Diary their friendship may be crushed. In 2007 Jacky Daydream was published, an inspirational true story of how a shy schoolgirl became a superstar author.The themes that appear in the story are things that children can really relate to, for example, moving away and making new friends.

This get-away was short lived when they were spotted and as a result was in trouble with each of their parents. While she is surrounded by fancy and elegant objects, lives in a beautiful countryside home and attends an ever so fancy school, all she truly wants is her best friend to be here, too.it is an amazing story about two best friends that need to separate from each other and then a miracle happens and the two best friends are going to get together. He has won numerous awards for his picture books, including the Sheffield Children's Book Award and the 2001 Children's Book Award. This could be a good talking point for a class discussion especially if the book is used as a course reader for all the children to enjoy. On the way they are recognized by classmate Billy "Biscuits" McVitie, whose baby sister Polly was baptised that same day at the church that Gemma and Alice passed en-route; he tells his mother, who informs Alice's and Gemma's parents who in turn then catch the girls before they can board the train. Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson is all about two best friends who were so close since they were born.

In the book Karen Barlow is married to Bob and the move to Scotland was due to Bob getting a new job. Everything seems ruined when Alice's father gets a new job hundreds of miles away and the whole family has to move. The two are polar opposites; Gemma is a tomboy who likes playing wild and exciting sports, while Alice is girly and loves ballet and the color pink. Jacqueline Wilson wrote her first novel when she was nine years old, and she has been writing ever since. Girls keeping their families going, girls trying to get away… Jacqueline Wilson’s written about them all!One of Jacqueline’s most successful and enduring creations has been the famous Tracy Beaker, who first appeared in 1991 in The Story of Tracy Beaker. The characters - other than Biscuits and grandad, I found the characters unlikeable and hard to put up with. When Alice's mother gives Flora the knife instead, Gemma finally snaps and shoves the cake in Flora's face. She is tomboyish, active and messy, who enjoys football, bike riding and spending time with her Grandad. The girls were very distressed when Alice eventually moved; however they found ways of contacting each other and Gemma jumped at the chance when her grandfather offered to take her to see Alice.

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